Pixelr Imaging Solution in the field of digital image analysis, material characterization, dimensional measurement, industrial quality control

PIXELR VISION - Advanced Imaging System

Pixelr Vision is a fully integrated system for the users seeking reliable, repeatable and accurate result. You can select additional modules like Grain Size Analysis, Inclusion Rating Analysis, Weld Measurement, Area / Volume Fraction analysis, Porosity Analysis and many more.

Key features:

PIXELR Particle Size Analysis System : PV-4

Particle Size Analyzer is designed with advanced technology adopting AI and machine learning concepts to carry out Automatic particle size analysis at high accuracy and high speed. It can be offered as a fully integrated solution or can be used as a retrofit to your existing optical system.

It is easy to select any standard method like, ISO 16232, ISO 4406/4407, VDA 19, USP 788 and test can be performed. Same time any custom defined method can be easily accommodated by the user. This makes the system more adoptive and reliable for particle size and shape analysis. Pixelr Pv4 can identify, segregate, count, measure and classify metallic, non-metallic, fiber particles in the sample.


Pixelr Imaging allows the users to capture high resolution images from microscope or other optical system. Do linear measurement with annotations & reports with statics.

Key features:


Pixelr presents Pixelr HT Microhardness Tester for automatic measurement of hardness in metals and other materials. This modular system can accommodate load ranging from 1gf to 2000 / 3000 gf in 12 steps. All parameters of HT is controlled though LCD touch panel as well as from the PHT software. Which enables the operator to perform the test with preset parameters in automatic mode. Software controls the tester parameters like change of magnification, selection of indenter, automatic loading, load change, light intensity control etc.. It can perform automatic hardness measurement in Vickers, Knoop and Brinell scales.